CSR Gyprock® Plasterboard

Johns Building Supplies are a distributor of CSR Gyprock® Australia’s leading manufacture of gypsum based products such as plasterboard and cornice, as well as compounds, adhesives, specialty plasters and associated finishing materials and accessories.

Gyprock Plasterboards are used in both Residential and Commercial sectors and has two classifications

Select Range – Gyprock plasterboard that are recommended for use in the majority of non-specialist applications.

Specialty Options – Gyprock plasterboards recommended for use in systems where higher levels of performance are specified.

Residential Solutions

Residential plasterboard is generally 10mm thick to suit standard window reveals and door frames. 13mm board is included in this sector as it is sometimes used for high acoustic insulation situations

Commercial Solutions

Commercial systems typically call for 13mm or thicker plasterboard to achieve compliance with acoustic, fire and structural integrity compliance under National Construction Code though 10mm plasterboard are also used in various commercial applications.