Johns Building Supplies is a well respected family owned business servicing both the metropolitan & country areas for over 39 years. We have earned a reputation for competitive pricing & excellent service. These attributes coupled with a wide range of products will contribute to the ease of your project.

Johns Building Supplies has its own fleet of delivery vehicles allowing flexibility others may not have. We are conveniently located close to transport depots which help ensures deadlines are generally met for our country clients. Our warehouse, over 4000m2 undercover with drive-thru access ensures efficient access & facilities for all your pick-up needs.

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Johns Work in The Community

Johns Building Supplies is passionate about giving back as much as we can. This includes our close Perth Community and also wider worldwide projects. To view the organisations/causes/community support we have been involved in please read below.

Aurora's Law - Sensors Save Young Lives

There’s no worse feeling in this world than losing a child in tragic circumstances, that’s not how things are supposed to be. Lara & Preston have been a part of the ‘JBS family’ for a long time and have always displayed a willingness to help others in a time of need.

Now it is their time and we at JBS support them wholeheartedly in their quest to save other families from a similar tragedy – We urge you to do so as well.

Collect your free Bumper Sticker next time you are in store. A united campaign will greatly enhance the success of what Lara & Preston want to achieve.

Containers for Timor Project

Containers for Timor started in about 2011 under the guidance of the Rotary Club of Bentley-Curtin. It was able to join with the Teachers Union and send over a large number of chairs ,desks and educational supplies for the students of East Timor. The project has expanded a great deal over the years with what we can send, and we are currently filling up Container 39.

The project receives donations of educational equipment, library books and uniforms from many schools across the State, and thousands of donations of clothing, toys, linen and household items from local households . Unused uniforms and branded merchandise from clothing suppliers who are unable/or no longer have a use for the gear here in Perth are also donated and, it all goes to Timor.

When the Containers arrive in Timor the goods are distributed by a Timorese couple – John and Cipriana Nascimento, who spend time in both Perth and Dili. They are both instrumental in the packing of the container and the suitability of items and then arranging for the community groups to gather in Dili and collect their donated goods. They have to arrange for many to travel down from the mountains and outlying areas, borrow trucks and gather helpers as we like to ensure the items are distributed far and wide. One of the younger members of the packing crew (Fernando Nascimento) travels to Timor L’este each year and discusses the requirements of many of the groups which makes it easier to provide their required equipment.