CSR Gyprock Cornice

Cove_Square_0afd_listGyprock™ Cornice is designed to provide an attractive finish at the junction of the wall and ceiling. It can be used on Gyprock™ plasterboard, fibrous plaster or cement rendered surfaces. The cornice is composed of gypsum plaster encased in a strong linerboard, and comes in a range of designs.

Gyprock™ Cove Cornice
Gyprock Cove cornice is a scotia section with square edges. It is available in 55mm, 75mm and 90mm nominal projections and in a range of lengths from 2400mm.

Gyprock Concerto™ Cornice
Gyprock Concerto™ combines smooth curves and sharp lines to create a versatile architectural profile. The subtle ‘step’ in its design creates a dramatic shadow at the wall-ceiling junction, forming a more pronounced and sophisticated feature for new homes and renovations.

The entire Gyprock Architectural Cornice Range offers easy, cost-effective installation and Concerto™ is no exception. Extremely easy to cut, join and paint with no special tools or fixing equipment required. Concerto™ has the added benefit of being able to be fitted with the stepped edge facing up or down.


  • Paper wrapped plasterboard cornice
  • Nominal 90mm projection
  • Easy to cut and join, lightweight and easy to handle
  • Soft edges are easy to join and set – unlike those with sharp edges

Gyprock Jazz™ Cornice

If a cool, retro mood is what you want in your home, look no further than Jazz™ cornice from Gyprock™.

With a distinctive three step profile, this decorative cornice features crisp, symmetrical lines and angles that create an art deco mood with a modern twist.

The sharp, clean design of this 75mm cornice profile is in line with the latest emerging architectural styles. It is ideal for adding a lift to particular rooms in your existing home, or can be installed throughout all rooms of your new home for a continuous, contemporary feel.

Jazz™ is especially ideal for 2.4m and 2.7m ceilings, to create a great sensation of height and space. The ‘retro now’ style of Jazz™ cornice will be music to your eyes, and will become a talking point amongst guests!

This cornice is extremely easy to cut, join and paint with no special tools or fixing equipment required, making it a cost-effective way to create great ambience at home. In fact, for DIYers, it can cost as little as $100 per room to add a permanent feature.

Jazz™ cornice is the latest addition to the decorative cornice range from Gyprock™, Australia’s leading plasterboard manufacturer.


Gyprock Symphony™ Cornice
Gyprock’s stunning Symphony™ cornice is set to prove an attractive and popular addition the Gyprock™ architectural cornice range.

The Symphony™ cornice offers a unique look that combines ageless design with a modern architectural profile. Inspired by European craftsmen, the multi-dimensional curves of Symphony™ can highlight any room.

Symphony™ is paper-wrapped plaster and is therefore easy to cut, join and paint with no special fixing or tools required. A paper-wrapped cornice is also more cost effective.

Symphony™ offers a combination of the straight lines of Tempo™ with the curves of Classic cornice, so users get the best of both worlds. Symphony™ has a 75mm profile giving it a more slender line and is well suited to lower ceiling heights.

A quality cornice can provide homes with a quick facelift that’s both inexpensive and effective, being ideal for both renovations and new homes, and now the Gyprock Cornice range provides more choice than ever before.

Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice
Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice is a contemporary plasterboard cornice that enhances the design and look of any room.

With dramatic multiple shadow-line effects, Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice gives the wall and ceiling interface a real ‘edge’. And while Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice offers a distinctive look, it still delivers all the installation simplicity and reliability you’ve come to expect from standard plasterboard cornice.

Tempo Cornice is:

  • Easy to cut – can be cut and mitred using a standard mitre box
  • Easy to join – joins like normal Cove Cornice
  • Easy to paint – premium paper facing allows for easy painting

The dramatic lines of Tempo™ Cornice complements the simplicity of Cove and the subtle curves of Classic in the Gyprock™range of plasterboard cornices – so there is a cornice to satisfy any design or look. Tempo™ is available in 90mm nominal projection, and is able to be used in retrofit applications over 55mm Cove Cornice.

Gyprock Tempo™ Cornice – use it on your next building project and be surprised at how little it costs to turn your ceiling into a work of art.

Gyprock™ Classic Cornice
Gyprock Classic Cornice adds contemporary elegance to any room at a reasonable price – so a plain home is transformed into a valuable showpiece with minimal effort!

The distinct design of Gyprock Classic Cornice accentuates the shape of any room by providing a subtle, contrasting line and shadow where wall and ceiling meet. Also by creating an uneven light effect, it makes these spaces appear to be more elegant and well constructed.

Classic Cornice is available in 90mm nominal projection. In addition to new construction or renovations, Classic Cornice can also be used for retrofit applications over 55mm Cove Cornice

ShadowSet™ Profile

ShadowSet™ is an exciting ceiling profile for contemporary Homes and apartments.

Choose from Plant-On application for its sleek, minimalist lines or Flush application for a spacious floating ceiling effect.

Either way, you’ll enjoy the latest designer styling.

Plant-On Application

ShadowSet™ Plant-on application creates a dramatic, streamlined effect. Its clean geometric lines and recessed shadows accentuate a feeling of spacious style.

Unlike an ordinary ‘square set’ effect, there’s no risk of cracks or uneven gaps at the junction of wall and ceiling