Gyprock Compounds

Gyprock offers a range of jointing systems and products to suit all applications.

Since the development of Gyprock’s legendary GB175 in 1968 at our Concord factory in NSW – better known as Base Coat 45, Gyprock has consistently delivered advanced jointing products for the Australian building market.

Gyprock® Compounds Availability 
ProductSizeStock Line
Gyprock Base Coats  
Base Coat 2010kg BagYes
Base Coat 4510kg Bag                   20kg BagNo                       Yes
Base Coat 6020kg BagYes
Base Coat 9020kg BagNo
Ultra Base 6020kg BagNo
Wet Area Base Coat15kg (9ltr) BucketYes
Gyprock All-Purpose Compounds  
Ultra – AP15kg (14ltr) BucketYes
Easy – Flow15kg (12.5ltr) BucketYes
Total Coat-Lite15kg BagYes
Pre-Mixed Total Joint Cement15kg (9ltr) BucketNo
Gyprock Topping Compounds  
Ultra Top15kg (14ltr) BucketYes
Easy – Finish15kg (12ltr) BucketYes
Jointmaster  20kg (12ltr) BucketNo