Cockburn Cement Price Increase – 1st September 2022

Price Increase Notification


Please see the following notice of a Cockburn Cement increase.
This increase will be significantly higher than their historical once a year increase.

Pricing will be distributed as soon as we receive the new rates from Cockburn Cement.

Price Increase Notice 

Cockburn Cement is proud of its track record as one of the lowest cost, local producers of materials for the construction and mineral processing sectors in Australia.
Like many businesses operating in the current market environment, Cockburn Cement is facing some extreme cost pressures that are outside of our direct control.

While we always aim to minimise any impact to our customers, these unavoidable and sustained cost pressures have meant that we need to adjust our pricing for products from 1 September 2022.

Among broader inflationary pressure on the business, the major costs relevant to our business relate to the unprecedented increase in import, raw materials and manufacturing costs driven by exceptionally high energy, labour and shipping costs.

The decision to pass through some of these costs is a difficult but necessary decision. However, it will ensure we operate a sustainable business and can continue to be a reliable supplier of cementitious products to our customers now and into the future.

We understand these price increases are significant. It is also likely that the above costs will carry into the following year, and we anticipate that further price increases may be required in early 2023 as market dynamics continue to evolve. As always, we will endeavour to curtail any impost on our customers.

Please do not hesitate to contact your account manager should you have any queries or wish to discuss this matter in more detail.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to work closely with you during these unprecedented times.