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Jointing – Flushing Systems
T h e Wa t t y l G R A N O S I T E ® R a n g e

Since 1952, developers, architects and builders who are seeking quality products that not only provide appeal, but also long-life substrate protection, have specified the GRANOSITE® range of products. Today, GRANOSITE® is synonymous with texture coatings and Wattyl manufacture approximately 35 products that form the basis of over 450 system specifications applicable to a wide range of substrates that are commonly used in modern building practise. Furthermore we are constantly assessing new substrates as they emerge and designing appropriate coating systems.

The range includes surface preparation products, a comprehensive selection of textures, high quality aggregate finishes and market leading membranes that ensure that GRANOSITE® remains the best choice for long term asset enhancement and protection.

GranoFlex® – a high performance acrylic jointing compound which when used in conjunction with GranoMesh®, allows quick and easy filling of fibre cement joints in one application with very little shrinkage on curing.

GranoPatch® Smooth – a versatile and reliable smooth patching compound used to make good surface defects up to 4mm to produce a standard of finish to allow a quality job of texture application or painting. Used to repair concrete and most masonry surfaces with the addition of 15% general purpose builders cement.

GranoPrime® – used under most texture systems to ensure optimum performance of the complete coating system by stabilising irregularities in substrate absorption and mechanical strength.

Visit http://www.wattyl.co.nz/granosite/introduction/granosite%20introduction.pdf or see attachment

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