RAB™ Board

RAB Board Rethink Façade Design

Introducing RAB Board, the rigid weather defence barrier by James Hardie. Designed as a high-performance weather barrier, RAB Board is a fibre-cement sheathing installed behind external cladding or rainscreens to improve the durability, performance and comfort of the building.

Smart façade design is key when it comes to protecting a building from the elements. Finding a balance between water and condensation management, air-tightness and non-combustibility can be challenging – particularly when it comes to designing taller and more complex façades. This is why a solution that offers protection and peace of mind is the only way to overcome poor building performance and reduced comfort levels for occupants.

How does RAB™ improve building performance and lower risk?

  • Made for high wind pressures

  • Improved weatherproofing for the life of the building

  • Suitable for non-combustible construction

  • Quick and Easy Install

  • 10 year warranty

RAB™ works by equalising the air pressure within the external wall cavity, making buildings airtight and providing superior weather-tightness, structural bracing and fire protection. This differs to traditional flexible wall underlay, which can struggle to perform in challenging weather conditions.

RAB™ Board not only provides a rigid air barrier, but due to its patented CoreShield™ sealer technology, it provides an all-in-one rigid, water-resistant and a vapour permeable membrane, meaning there is no need for additional sarking or treatment.

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