Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard Flooring is a well-established and well performed product in the Australian home and commercial building sectors.

Particleboard Flooring is the ideal flooring substrate for frame construction as it provides major cost savings through its economy and through lighter construction allowing reduced foundation cost. Installation times are reduced since dry trades only are involved.

Particleboard Flooring is easy to saw, drill or nail and has full length tongue and grooving to enable easy keying of panels. The sheets are made from a very high moisture resistant particleboard. All edges are coated with a wax edge seal to help minimise moisture uptake throughout construction. Particleboard flooring is capable of withstanding general weathering for up to 3 months.

Particleboard Flooring is available in a General Purpose (non-termite treated) and Termite Treated options and is available in a 19mm and 22mm thickness for residential applications and 25mm for commercial applications.

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