Decking – Millboard


Millboard is a premium and unique decking product.  It is made from polyurethane and does not contain any timber fibres. Millboard offers the natural look of timber with additional benefits ensuring your decking is ultra low maintenance and exceptionally durable.

The texture and resilient surface of the Lastane™ finished Millboard is unique in that it provides a tough, algae-repellent surface which greatly enhances slip resistance in wet conditions. Due to the non porous nature Millboard needs little maintenance other than an occasional wash.

Millboard is top fixed using Durafix Screws. The unique Lastane™ material closes back over the screw hole leaving a virtually invisible hole.

Millboard is manufactured by using a blend of recycled material that make use of hard-to-use waste and reclaimed natural minerals. Millboard helps to conserve the earths resources as well as reducing landfill, and helping to conserve mature hardwood forests.

Why choose Millboard?

  • Made using eco-friendly materials
  • Maintenance free – requires almost no upkeep
  • Highly anti-slip in the wet – R11 rating
  • Does not rot, splinter or warp
  • UV weather stable
  • Resistant to food and drink stains
  • Intricate natural wood-grain detail
  • Hidden ‘lost head’ fixing
  • Wide choice of designs and colours
  • 25 Year Residential Warranty  (5 Year for Commercial installations)
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