James Hardie™ ceramic tile underlay

An internal underlay for ceramic tile finishes

An internal underlay for ceramic tile finishes which helps protect against movement that occurs naturally in timber, particleboard and plywood substrates.

Suitable for both wet and dry areas

On top of internal timber, particleboard and plywood substrates, and under ceramic tiles, in either wet or dry areas.

Pre-sealed to improve moisture resistance

  • The large sheet comes with a pre-marked nailing pattern, which reduces the time the installer has to spend working out where to nail. To add to this, it can be gun nailed with underlay gun nails, which speeds up installation. Also, the underlay is pre-sealed, which improves moisture resistance, giving the tiler more time to lay the tiles before the tile adhesive cures.
  • Its application over internal timber, particleboard and plywood substrates helps to minimise tile movement and potential tile cracking caused by the expansion and contraction of these substrates. To add to this, the key requirement of materials used in wet areas is superior resistance to moisture damage in the event that the material gets wet. Reduced tile adhesion is one of the main problems moisture penetration causes. Made from James Hardie fibre cement, James Hardie ceramic tile underlay is homogeneously resistant to moisture damage, which means that even if the material does get wet, it won’t deform or lose its structural integrity,* like many other materials, and it can help protect against potential costly rectifications resulting from moisture damage. It’s also resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.*


James Hardie™ ceramic tile underlay Installation diagram

Note: All dimensions and masses provided are approximate only and subject to manufacturing tolerances. Masses are based on equilibrium moisture content of product.
* When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.

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