HardieBrace™ sheet

A durable, structural bracing sheet

HardieBrace™ is a 5mm thick, durable bracing sheet used under wall cladding to provide structural bracing against lateral forces (such as wind) or racking shear (from movement such as earthquakes)

Suitable for residential & medium density housing

Externally, under wall cladding on residential and medium-density homes on either timber or light gauge steel frames

Pre-marked, gun-nailable & moisture resistant

  • The large sheets come with a pre-marked nailing pattern, which reduces the time the installer has to spend working out where to nail. To add to this, it can be gun nailed, which speeds up installation time.
  • It’s the only primary-use bracing material that is suitable for bracing applications and nailing patterns as outlined in AS 1684 and the Building Code of Australia.
  • Made from James Hardie fibre cement, it’s resistant to damage from moisture, so if rain holds you up during construction the product won’t warp and twist*, and need replacing, like some timber bracing products. HardieBrace sheet is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire†.


Installation diagram

Note: All dimensions and masses provided are approximate only and subject to manufacturing tolerances. Masses are based on equilibrium moisture content of product.
* Exposure to the elements should not be longer than three months.
** When installed in accordance with Structural Bracing Application Guide.
† When installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.

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