Gyprock® Adhesives & Cornice Cements

Gyprock®provides a range of adhesives and sealants used for various steps in the installation process for Gyprock plasterboard and cornice.

Gyprock® Adhesives

Gyprock® Cornice Cements

Gyprock® Sealants


Gyprock® Adhesives & Sealants Availability
Product Size Stock Line
Gyprock Adhesives
Acrylic Stud Adhesive 5.5ltr Bucket                                     900g Sausage Yes                       No
Masonry Adhesive 20kg Bag No
Drywall Masonry Adhesive 100 20kg Bag (WA only) Yes
Back Blocking Cement 20kg Bag No
Gyprock Cornice Cements
Cornice Cement 45 20kg Bag No
Cornice Cement 60 20kg Bag Yes
Gyprock Sealants
Fire Mastic 600ml Sausage No
Wet Area Acrylic Sealant 450g Tube No

Technical Data

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