ARChitectural™ Invibe™ panel

A pre-finished panel with a lustrous, coloured look

Pre-finished panel with a high level of application durability and characterised by a lustrous coloured look.

Performs in both wet and dry areas

Invibe™ panel’s core DNA is durability, because it’s made from James Hardie® 6mm thick cement-composite substrate that’s coated using ChromaShield™ 200 series. Invibe™ panel offers a ‘double shield’ of durability in a vast range of commercial interior wall and ceiling applications in both wet and dry areas.

Resistant to stains, chemicals & solvents and bacteria & mould.

  • Architectural™ Invibe™ panels offer outstanding durability that supports the creation of enduring architecture.
  • A lustrous, coloured look in a satin or gloss finish
  • A carefully selected colour range*** that delivers an ‘on trend’ palette to suit a variety of different aesthetics. Gloss and satin finishes used together extend design opportunities to create a multitude of textured wall patterns.
  • Design integrity is maintained over time due to a high level of durability. Resistant to fading, yellowing, and cracking, peeling and flaking as well as good resistance to surface scratching, abrasion and wear.
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean. Resistant to household stains, chemicals and solvents, and bacteria and mould.
  • Resistant to cracking, warping and swelling due to the robust nature of the James Hardie® cement-composite substrate.
  • Made from a non-combustible substrate and achieves the best possible fire hazard properties classification of Group 1 – in accordance with AS/NZS 3837. This enables Invibe™ panel to be used in the broadest range of commercial interior wet and dry applications, in various building types under the BCA.
  • Resistant to damage from moisture and steam
  • Can be used in wet area applications, including enclosed shower areas. The ChromaShield™ 200 series coating is layered to provide a thick surface barrier to moisture, and the James Hardie® cement-composite substrate is a homogenous material that is resistant to moisture damage.
  • Does not require a base substrate for installation. It can be direct-fixed to either light gauge steel or timber frames at 600mm centres, saving time and money. Can be butt-jointed or installed with the ARChitectural™ range of natural anodised aluminium extrusions to create a variety ofdifferent looks.
  • When Invibe™ panel is used in conjunction with the right insulation (see James Hardie’s Wall System Thermal Performance Total R-Values Technical Supplement), an R-Value of up to 3.4 can be achieved for the wall.
  • Invibe™ panel is made from benign raw materials low in toxicity, including cellulose fibre (unbleached pine wood pulp from sustainable plantation timbers), ordinary Portland cement, ground sand,** small amounts of additives and water. Both substrate and coating contain no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

Colour Range

invibe swatches

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