Wagner W450SE Power Sprayer

wagner-power-sprayerWagner W450SE Power Sprayer

Thanks to the latest electronics you can coat like the professionals.

With the 4 stage microchip electronics you can not only regulate the paint flow rates, but even match flow rates extremely finely to the application. And this with a wide variety of paints and materials, such as e.g. primers, lacquers, varnishes, polishes, wood preservatives and pesticides.

Even interior wall paints, cavity protection and underseal can be sprayed with this unit.

Technical data:

  • Power: 110 W
  • Piston and cylinder in tungsten carbide
  • Max. delivery: 20–350 g/min.
  • Max. spraying pressure: 180 bar
  • Max. reservoir capacity: 800 ml
  • Standard nozzle: 0.8 mm
  • Max. viscosity: 280 DIN-sec
  • Art.-No.: 0199 070

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