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wallpaperBaresque Wallcover and Fabrics.

Our supplier Baresque, stocks the finest range of wallcovering adhesives and primers available on the Australian market. JBS and Baresque can also recommend tried and tested wallcovering installers. Johns Building Supplies is now the new distributor for Roman UltraClear Pro 880 Wallpaper Adhesive.

Base: Starch

General Properties: Premium clear, strippable adhesive which combines the best features of clays and clears. Excellent for the retail customer as well as the most discriminating contractor.

• Maximum Tack

• Extended Open Time

• Unsurpassed Ease of Clean Up

• Spreads and Flows easily

• LEED compliant

Recommended Uses: For all weights of wallpapers. Strippable when used with fabric backed vinyl over bare drywall with a cure time of 4-6 weeks.

Compatible Coatings: All ROMAN® primers

Substrates: Apply over new, bare drywall or over a ROMAN primer.

Any Baresque products can be ordered in on request.


Visit   http://www.baresque.com.au/    or call Johns Building Supplies for further information.