Scyon Accent Trims

scyon-accent-trimsWhat is it?

A thick and versatile trim made from Scyon™, an advanced cement composite, Scyon™ Axent™ trim is the easy way to add finishing touches that keep their finish.

Where do you use it?

Ideal for edge treatment around windows, finishing touches to internal and external corners, as a design enhancer at butt joints.

What are the key benefits?

Design options. The thickness of Axent trim helps create the impression of solidness, and the crisp, clean edges highlight openings.

Speed. The range of thicknesses and sizes means Axent trim can be used with any James Hardie cladding and any domestic window, removing the need for special window orders to match different cladding. It’s also pre-primed for fast paint application.

Low maintenance. Axent trim will maintain its integrity and general appearance significantly longer than timber. Some timber is susceptible to cracking in exterior applications which in turn can lead to shrinking or warping. Axent trim will resist shrinking, swelling and cracking * to hold paint longer than wood, and can also be painted dark as well as light colours.

Durability. Axent trim has a 10-year product warranty when installed and maintained correctly.


4,200 x 84 x 38mm
4,200 x 45 x 38mm
2,600 x 84 x 16mm
2,600 x 100 x 16mm