Scyon Secura Wet Area Flooring

scyon-securaWhat is it?

An internal wet area structural flooring substrate for ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists. Simple and fast to install, Scyon™ Secura™ wet area flooring helps gives you peace of mind against moisture damage to internal wet area floors.
Where do you use it?

As a substrate for internal tiled floors in residential wet areas, as an alternative to particleboard, plywood or compressed fibre cement.

What are the key benefits?

Speed. Secura wet area flooring is 20% lighter per square metre than conventional 15mm compressed fibre cement, which makes it easier to handle. The 19mm tongue and groove joining means it is compatible with other 19mm flooring products and eliminates the need for timber trimmers along the tongue and groove joint. Secura wet area flooring’s moisture-resistant sealer combined with the moisture-resistant properties of the Scyon™ material remove the need for full floor waterproofing outside enclosed shower areas.

Security. Secura wet area flooring is resistant to damage from moisture, so if rain holds you up during construction and the roof’s not yet on, the product won’t need replacing *. This resistance to moisture damage also means that if there is a waterproofing failure some time in the future, then the Secura wet area flooring will continue to perform, even if it gets wet. Secura wet area flooring has a 10-year product warranty when
installed and maintained correctly.

* Exposure to the elements should not be longer than three months.


1,800 x 900 x 19mm