Scyon Secura Exterior Flooring

scyon-secura-exteriorWhat is it?

An external structural flooring substrate for ceramic tile finishes over timber or lightweight steel floor joists. Simple and fast to install, Scyon™ Secura™ exterior flooring helps give you peace of mind against moisture damage to balconies.

Where do you use it?

As an external substrate for tiled residential balconies and as an alternative to particleboard, plywood or compressed fibre cement.

What are the key benefits?

Security. Secura exterior flooring is sealed on all sides with an advanced polymer coating that helps protect the board from moisture-related problems. A topcoat on the surface of the board provides good adhesion. The mesh reinforcement on the underside enhances the heavy-duty performance of the Scyon™ material, adding extra strength and impact resistance to deliver a suitable external residential flooring substrate.

Easy to install . At about 40kg and 2,700mm long by 600mm wide, Secura exterior flooring is about 20% lighter than compressed sheet (per square metre) and can be carried by two people, tucked under the arm and carried like a large surfboard. It’s also tongue and grooved, which delivers engineered joints and eliminates the need for timber trimmers under these joints.

Speed. For balconies that aren’t over habitable rooms – verandas for example – no additional waterproofing membrane is needed once Secura exterior flooring is installed. For balconies over habitable rooms, a waterproofing system needs to be applied.


2,700 x 600 x 19mm