Internal Lining-Hardigroove Lining

hardigroove-liningWhat is it?

An interior wall lining that is designed to look like traditional tongue-andgroove
timber wall panels and soffit linings.

Where do you use it?

On walls in bathrooms and laundries (excluding showers) and in high
traffic areas like family rooms and hallways. Also perfect for use on soffits to create a traditional tongue-and-groove look.

What are the key benefits?

    • Authentic V-shaped grooves replicate traditional look and style
    • Sanded front face, ready for painting or staining
    • Impact resistant – hard-wearing in hallways and rooms which need to
      withstand tough, everyday family treatment
    • Resistant to damage from moisture, rotting, termites and fire when
      installed and maintained correctly to the extent set out in James
      Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation
    • Easy to paint and install.



PC Size (mm)
400245 2,700 x 1,200