Exterior Cladding-Panelclad Sheets

panelcladWhat is it?

Available in two surface textures, PanelClad® sheets can be used inside
and out to add interest. Can be used to provide contrast with other wall
colours and textures.

  • PanelClad® Stucco sheets – A hand trowelled, cement-rendered
    look reminiscent of Mediterranean style
  • PanelClad® TextureLine sheets – The rough-hewn board and
    batten surface gives the effect of band-sawn timber. Use to create
    whole walls of interest or used to emphasis design features like gable
    ends and second-storey additions.

Where do you use it?

Internally or externally for feature walls or gable ends.

What are the key benefits?

    • Light weight makes them easy to install
    • Resistant to damage from moisture, rotting, termites and fire when
      installed and maintained correctly to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.



PC Size (mm)
400404 2,440 x 1,200
400403 3,000 x 1,200
400416 2,440 x 1,198
400417 2,700 x 1,198