Aircell Glareshield


AIR-CELL Glareshield® (IP Australia Patent No. 200310063) features an anti-glare coating on the upper/outer surface and high polish aluminium foil for the under/inner surface separated by a fire-retardant polyethylene cell structure.

The semi-permanent anti-glare surface makes it more comfortable for tradesmen during the installation of walls and roofs. Glareshield® is installed with the anti-glare surface facing the installer.

Glareshield® is a clean, safe, fibre-free insulation designed to replace conventional fibre based batt and building blanket insulation in commercial and residential buildings. Glareshield®is installed into the walls, roofs, ceilings and floors as a vapour barrier and insulation blanket all in one.

AIR-CELL® is manufactured without the use of toxic or reactive adhesives. This distinctive feature means that AIR-CELL® is extremely durable over time, as there are no foreign properties to react and cause product degradation over its extended life.


  • Installed as a vapour barrier and fibre-free insulation all in one.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial walls, roofs, ceilings and floors
Manufacturing Specifications

AIR-CELL Glareshield® is manufactured under ISO 9001-2000 Quality Standards to the following base specifications:

Product thickness 7mm
Foil emittance .03
Foil emittance (anti-glare) .10
Foil reflectivity 97%
Foil reflectivity 90%
Roll size 1350mm x 22.25m (30m²)