CSR Compounds & Adhesives

csr-compoundsGyprock™ Acrylic Stud Adhesive

  • Consistent – will not skin in the heat, or thicken in the cold
  • Superior adhesion qualities
  • Fast and easy application

Gyprock™ Base Coats

  • Ready mixed for immediate use
  • Low shrinkage plaster-based cements for use in taping and base coats of joint application, including walls, ceilings, arches and external beads.
  • Superior joint strength.
  • Smooth, creamy consistency, easy to feather edges and superior spreadability.

Introducing Base Coat 20

  • Ideal for small jobs or jobs that need to be finished on the same day
  • Setting time of approximately 20 minutes

Base Coat 45

  • Formulated for shorter setting time to suit work requirement
  • Working time of approximately 45 minutes

Base Coat 60

  • Specially formulated for use when a longer working life
    is required
  • Working time of approximately 60 minutes

Base Coat 90

  • Improved mixing, better adhesion and a longer working life
  • Ideal for machine tools, minimising cleaning & mixing time

Wet Area Base Coat

  • Formulated specifically for wet areas
  • Water resistant

Gyprock™ Topping Compounds

  • Vinyl-based cements designed for use as the finishing coat, filling over base coats.
  • Fine, creamy compounds providing smooth consistent finish.
  • Excellent trowelling. Suitable for hand trowelling or machine uses.


  • Heavy-bodied consistency
  • Easy sandability
  • Ready mixed for immediate use


  • Premium grade topping compound
  • Semi-light weight formulation
  • Ready mixed for immediate use


  • Semi-light weight formulation
  • Low shrinkage
  • Ready mixed for immediate use

Gyprock™ Cornice Cements

  • Plaster-based cement designed to adhere and finish cornices to plasterboard wall and ceilings.
  • Good initial grab.
  • High bond strength.

Cornice Cement 45

  • Short setting time of up to 45 minutes
  • Good work back characteristics after setting to allow polishing of mitres and joints

Cornice Cement 60

  • Developed for fixing fibrous cornices and decorative fibrous plaster centres and roses
  • Specially formulated with a working life of 55 to 60 minutes