Elder Street – Gwyth Jones.

Daniel Gwyther-Jones
Director of one of Perth’s leading construction companies, Daniel Gwyther-Jones has worked extensively throughout the building, design, and property industries. He began his career in the United Kingdom, obtaining a degree in Architecture from the prestigious University of Wales in Cardiff, before moving into the professional sphere.

Daniel subsequently played a key role in various construction projects throughout the UK, later bringing his experience and expertise to Western Australia.

The Project
The site is located in the heart of Perth City on an approx. 120 m² block. The site currently consists of two Western Power transformers which date back to circa 1960 with the transformer room sitting underneath the main structure.
The construction includes a 3-storey tower called the Elder Street Lookout which is surrounded by a structural steel and glass façade. Gwyth Jones was approached by the Client to be the commercial builder of the Elder Street Lookout.
The main attraction and feature on this project is the structural steel and glass façade reaching approx. 24 m high. The façade is completely manufactured in Western Australia. The structure has 3 storeys with a café on level 1 and viewing platform on level 3. The project also consists of an advertising LED screen 7.5m x 4.5m.